Five ways to make the climate movement less white

As part of the Guardian’s first-time voter takeover, we spoke to activists on how to build a more inclusive environmental movement.

Family stories about tedious days out picking vegetables or managing herds of cattle always left me with a sense of pride. As the granddaughter of Colorado ranchers and farm workers, I have a great appreciation for the hard labor involved in food production and agriculture – and the ways it connects my family to the natural world. My family has already been deeply impacted by climate change and their experiences mirror countless other agricultural workers across the US.  Yet so many young people who identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and people of color) are poorly represented in environmental decision making. I myself have sometimes felt like there were only certain ways to participate in environmental activism, that not only excluded me, but also devalued my lived experience. … Read More

Sofia Romero Campbell and Paola Rosa-Aquino

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