If the bushfires won’t force climate policy change, we need to circumvent Scott Morrison | Lenore Taylor

The cabal of Coalition denialists calling the shots are still impervious to facts. But it’s not yet time to despair It’s time to face a dreadful truth. If this bushfire crisis, this nation-wide trauma, can’t loosen the denialists’ grip on Coalition climate policy, then maybe nothing will.That would mean everyone sifting through Scott Morrison’s verbiage for signs that he might really be intending to change direction is searching in vain, because he’s just trying to talk himself out of political trouble. Related: Grief, frustration, guilt: the bushfires show the far-reaching mental health impacts of climate change | Fiona Charlson Related: The bushfire crisis has shown a way forward for Australia – and revealed who we truly are | Van Badham Lenore Taylor is editor of Guardian Australia Continue reading… … Read More


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