The Australian says it accepts climate science, so why does it give a platform to ‘outright falsehoods’?

News Corp’s paper says its journalists report the facts but critics say it publishes misleading claimsIn an editorial on Saturday, the Weekend Australian defended the News Corp paper’s climate coverage in response to criticism that it had underplayed the bushfire crisis and chosen to highlight concerns about arsonists and hazard reduction rather than explain the climate change drivers of the horrendous season.The editorial said: “In our coverage, the Australian’s journalists report facts about how to tackle bushfires and about how to deal with the impact of climate change. Second, we host debates reflecting the political division that exists in Australia about how to address climate change without destroying our economy.” Related: James Murdoch criticises father’s news outlets for climate crisis denial There have been lots (understatement alert) examples of climate science denial at The Australian over the years. I have written about lots of them. A thread. Related: Explainer: what are the underlying causes of Australia’s shocking bushfire season? Related: Australia is built on lies, so why would we be surprised about lies about climate change? | Luke Pearson for IndigenousX Continue reading… … Read More


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