‘There is no link’: the climate doubters within Scott Morrison’s government

Scott Morrison suggest he will ‘evolve’ his government’s climate policy but many still openly doubt the scienceThe science minister, Karen Andrews, has said it’s “time for everyone to move on” from ideological debates on climate change.“Every second that we spend discussing if climate change is real is a second we don’t spend addressing these issues,” she told Nine Newspapers. “Let’s move on and get over this.” Related: Coalition MPs split over Scott Morrison’s apparent shift on climate policy Spent a bit of time yesterday digging around on the public pages of Liberal and National MPs to see what they’ve been saying during the fires. The overwhelming majority are either posting useful donation/emergency info or not posting. Then there’s these two. pic.twitter.com/GrzaoGWogIAt a point in time when we are witnessing first hand the catastrophic loss of an estimated one billion animals, the Greens still push their ridiculous agenda. The same one that lead to these horrible fires. https://t.co/q7L6YLps3p Continue reading… … Read More


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