Wollemi pines’ survival shows what humans can do when determined

Out of the bushfires catastrophe, the ancient trees have become a symbol of survival and hope in the face of a climate emergency Imagine if more than a quarter of a century ago, the bushwalker David Noble had not stumbled across the stand of Wollemi pines and they had remained undiscovered.The trees survive in three stands in just one remote canyon in a massive wilderness to Sydney’s north-west. Until they were found, they were a species clinging to the edge of the precipice of extinction – just one disaster away from vanishing. Related: ‘Dinosaur trees’: firefighters save endangered Wollemi pines from NSW bushfires James Woodford is the author of The Wollemi Pine: The Incredible Discovery of a Living Fossil from the Age of the Dinosaurs, Text Publishing Continue reading… … Read More


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