YouTube ads of 100 top brands fund climate misinformation – study

Avaaz says firms are unaware commercials being played alongside misleading videosSome of the biggest companies in the world are funding climate misinformation by advertising on YouTube, according to a study from activist group Avaaz.The group found that more than 100 brands had adverts running on YouTube videos on the site that were actively promoting climate misinformation. The brands, including Samsung, L’Oreal and Decathlon, were unaware that their adverts were being played before and during the videos.Include climate misinformation in its “borderline content” policy, which limits the algorithmic distribution of videos that do not reach the bar required to fully remove them from the site.Demonetise misinformation, “ensuring such content does not include advertising and is not financially incentivised. YouTube should start immediately with the option for advertisers to exclude their ads from videos with climate misinformation.”Work with independent fact-checkers to inform users who have seen or interacted with verifiably false or misleading information.Provide transparency to researchers by releasing data showing how many views are driven to misinformation by its own recommendation algorithms. Continue reading… … Read More


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